Book Spotlight with Giveaway: Worth the Risk by C.J. Lynne

Two men, a chance meeting,
an unexpected fight for love…

Some risks are scarier than others
because they’re the most important ones
we’ll ever undertake…

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C.J. Lynne

Series: Infinity Series, Book One
Genre: Gay/Lesbian, M/M Erotic Romance
Publication Date: November 7, 2016

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Love doesn’t exist…

Or so Tyler Johnson thinks. He’s never had much, if any, of it thrown his way. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Jaxon Markham causes Ty to—if still not believe in love—at least know without a doubt that lust is alive and well. Ty’s not looking for forever, but what’s the harm in spending a few days—and scorching nights—with Jax; as long as Jax plays by his rules and keeps things casual and uncomplicated?

Jax knows his luck has finally changed for the better when he lays eyes on Tyler. The man is gorgeous, and stirs feelings in Jax he’d thought he’d never experience. The more time Jax spends with Ty, the more certain he is that Ty’s his soulmate. Now all that remains is convincing the stubborn Tyler of that fact, but Jax is more than up for the task, because he’s nothing if not persistent—a fact the elusive Tyler will soon find out.

Jax quickly, and much too easily, demolishes all of Ty’s protective walls and Ty reluctantly begins to think that maybe that intangible emotion called love is alive and well after all, and perhaps finally within his grasp. However, when his ugly past returns to haunt him, making him doubt all the good he’s experienced with and because of Jax, Ty’s positive outlook crumbles, giving way to doubt and despair.

Can he be the man Jax needs and deserves? Or will past and present demons destroy Ty’s one chance at true happiness?

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Exclusive Excerpt

As for himself, Jax didn’t want the evening to end, and he sensed Ty didn’t either. He was toying with asking Ty to go out dancing or something when Ty rounded on him suddenly staring at him intensely as if trying to decide on a course of action—no, that wasn’t right—Ty looked as if he was trying to convince himself that what he was contemplating doing was a good idea. He seemed to make up his mind that it was, because he suddenly pushed Jax back into the car door and proceeded to kiss the hell out of him.

Hallelujah! The single word of praise echoed triumphantly in Jax’s sensory-overloaded brain.

Jax didn’t even pretend to protest when Ty slid a hard thigh between his legs, bringing their lower bodies into agonizingly close contact. He opened his mouth wide and Ty’s lips devoured, his marauding tongue seeking out the hidden recesses of Jax’s mouth, before retreating and allowing Jax to take over the treasure hunt—a task which he greedily participated in. Jax’s hands ran down his back to anchor on that pert ass, squeezing into hard muscles. His actions caused Ty to press closer and hump Jax’s thigh. Fuck yeah.

He was eight years Ty’s senior, but Jax had never received such a potent, perfect kiss as this. He hummed into Ty’s mouth—or was that Ty humming into his? Who the fuck knew? But one thing was certain, they were engaged in a sensual, take-no-prisoners duel that threatened to scorch Jax’s nerve endings. It amazed him that with a kiss Ty was completely blowing his mind to the point that he was having difficulty remembering his own damned name.

One of Jax’s hands maneuvered between their tightly pressed bodies, encountering the front of Ty’s jeans, pressing against the zipper, fingers splayed to feel Ty’s package—and it was a damned nice package—that Jax’s otherwise-engaged mouth watered to taste. Ty made his appreciation known for Jax’s caresses when he started grinding his cock against Jax’s hand, silently inviting him to unsnap, unzip and take what he fucking wanted—an invitation Jax wanted desperately to accept.

One of Ty’s hands anchored in his hair and the other dug into his waist as their kisses morphed into a maelstrom of want and need of epic proportions. Each knew they should stop before they garnered an audience, but neither seemed to have the will to do so; therefore, they continued making out like they wouldn’t get another chance, although Jax vowed this definitely would not be his last opportunity to taste the delicious Tyler, whose last name he still didn’t know.

Ty now cradled Jax’s face in his palms and proceeded to thrust his delectable tongue in and out of his mouth in a fantastic tongue fuck that had Jax gasping for breath. Not to be outdone, he gave as good as he got, sliding his tongue over Ty’s, licking the roof of his mouth and the barrier of strong white teeth while praying for the strength to pull away from the addictive mouth before he lost all semblance of control and fucked him bent over the hood of his car or sprawled across the front seats. Jesus, he is blowing my damned mind.

While the prospect of letting go of all propriety and taking Ty here and now appealed to him immensely, he didn’t want their first time to be of the exhibitionist nature. He wanted Ty naked and pliant under him, or pressed tightly against a solid wall of his bedroom, as he thrust his steely length into Ty’s welcoming tight heat. Damn, the visual nearly brought him to his knees.

Several times either he or Ty would try to pull back, but the other would become the aggressor, refusing to allow an end to the mind-blowing contact between them. Still, such perfection had to end eventually, and Jax almost whined when Ty finally drug his mouth away, ending their torrid kissing adventure.

“I…” Ty breathlessly began, took several deep gulps of air and then tried again, “I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to do that.”

“Like I said, you are definitely an enigma, Tyler,” he managed as he gasped for air.

“You taste good,” Ty huskily stated, leaning in to bite into his jaw.

Jax pleaded, “Don’t say shit like that to me right now.”

Ty lifted his head to stare at him with pupils blown. Damn, he looks so sexy. Kissing me did that to him. Damn.

“Why not?” Ty asked in a voice several octaves deeper than normal.

“Because it’s all I can do not to turn you around, peel your jeans off and fuck you here and now against my car,” Jax growled his frank response.

From the dilation of Ty’s pupils, he realized Ty would like that, but then the cautiousness that surrounded the man like a cloak returned and he took a step away. He ran a hand over his thoroughly kissed lips, all the while continuing to hold Jax’s intense gaze.

“As tempting as that sounds…”

“Yeah?” Jax masochistically wanted to hear the remainder of that sentence.

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Brandon Rosen is tightly closeted, refusing to admit he craves an intimate relationship with a man. Simon Carter is a no-nonsense, out-and-proud gay man. For a multitude of reasons, the two can’t possibly work; however, tell that to the insane attraction that sparks to life between them, threatening to burn them alive.

Availability: Coming in February 14, 2017


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About C.J. Lynne

C. J. is first and foremost an avid reader of romance.  Nothing is better than watching two strong-willed people meet, connect and work through personal challenges and fight to overcome internal and outside obstacles to be together.

C. J. is a southerner who believes that love is love, and if you’re ever lucky to find it, you should hold onto it with both hands and feet.  C.J. writes love stories filled with emotion and hopes you—the reader—will enjoy them as much as C.J. enjoys creating them.

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